Homework is assigned and due daily, yes this includes weekends. 

 I will make the homework assignment available daily on this page. no late homework will be accepted, unless prior arrangements have been made.

Please expect the following each week:

  • Math – Nightly unless a lesson calls for more than one day to teach.
  • Spelling – Monday thru Thursday
  • Reading – A minimum of 20 minutes nightly reading is required.  A reading log will be given to your student and is due every Friday.  5 nightly reading assignments are required a week, one turned in each day including Monday.  Your student will only be required to write one for weekend reading. 
  • Agendas- Part of your child’s homework will be to get their agenda signed nightly and returned the following day.  Agendas will be checked daily.  This is a great place to write any notes or concerns you have; this also insures that you are made aware of any announcements for the week and daily homework.


August 12th: